CPS Dashboards with Kanboard

Creative way to resolve problems!

LeanKBoard iis proud to offer you another afordable solution to help your team with a well sequenced way to generate creative solutions using CPS Dashboards , CPS stand for Creative Problem Solving, and have a way to approach the results with divergent thinking but also with the clasical way to solve problems trying to find a balance between them.

Get a free digital board or an advanced digital board to enhance collaboration and to share it , without worries by saving your data, but more important to concentrate in what really matters instead on building tools.

If you don't know what is Kanboard or what is CPS, let me tell you in short, that we join technology and the concept to provide an excelent and really cheap dashboard for CPS on web...

Kanboard is an excellent open source used traditionally to manage projects using a kanban approach.

CPS is a way to solve problems by using lateral thinking and SCAMPER besides other techniques.

This is how an CPS dashboard can look like

So we shifted some Kanboard functionality in order to be easy to work the dashboard projects a CSP dashboard for the team with additional matrix to evaluate options.


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  • 1 Leanboard
  • 1 Account User

$ 2 .90 /MON
  • Multiple Leanboards
  • 1 Admin Account
  • 15  Users for your leankboards
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