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Ok you know about fabulous mindsets right?,theory is amazing, but you need a practical dashboard...


Runlean iteration, can be managed in Kanboard Cards with this template, if you need more Runlean projects, upgrade to admin plan and just copy the empty template to start again...

Objetive Key Result

What if the Kanboard subtask will work as a Key Result, well you can track the advance of your OKR and have a very customized dashboard for OKRs.

Creative Problem Solving

We need to comunicate better, to register better, and share ideas better, we need to practice to be more creative and more efficient, so take it easy with a CPS dashboard powered by leankboard!

Business Purchase Order Delivery

So what happen after a new purchase order have arrived, how to monitor all the orders, who have assigned a task on which order, well a simply not prescriptive else adaptive leankboard template like BPOD can make a great difference in your flow, so check it out

Make Desicion with Simple Desicion Tree Dashboard

Having some options, and some events with probabilities ,then SDT will help to build and evaluate your desicion tree.

Change Management Dashboard

Achieve change,adoption and sustainability is not easy,but a nice Dashboard can help a lot, showing your efforts, so give a try to leankboar CM Dashboard

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