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The Main Templates Used

Leankboard offers digital dashboards on internet, to help teams to concentrate with their mindset on their own solutions:

The main three templates we offer are:

  • Rulean Template
  • Objetive - Key Results Template
  • Creative Problem Solution Template

What Leankboard found using the formula “Kanban is not a prescriptive solution”… is that you can create flows according your process, but even that recommendation is true, we couldn't find quick and easy way to get a simple dashboard on web that we could share.

So first we built our version of Runlean dashboard, with the goal to help teams to use the lean startup mindset with a really cheap tool and with the purpose to share it.

This way a Runlean dashboard is a digital way to execute iteratively experiments following a lean scientific approach applied to manage a whole cycle of a project to be developed.

So if you get the free or the admin plan, you can use the templates that looks like this:

The second great template that comes to the Leankboard family was the OKR template, why..? because agile is very important in today management, but scaling agile is still a bigger problem than just change the mindset in a team, so it's important to help leaders, directors, and c-level participants on a company to know the OKRs mindset and to have affordable and easy to use tools.

Taking into account that Kanbard can link a board to another board by using internal and external links, and Kanboard can manage subtask to inform the progress of a task, what has been done with this special template, is change the nomenclature of task by “objective” and subtask by “Key Result”, so with some special programming and some adjust we can enjoy of an OKR Template.

Take a look to an example to the OKR template for a portfolio level…

The team defined to set the objetives for the quarter and then based on the Key results, start working on defining the OKRs for the production department and for the marketing to.

Having several swinlanes and several columns to design the CPS dashboard was not enough to get a team the complete picture of how to resolve creativily a problem, we need to incoporate an easy way to evaluate CTQs (Critical To Quality) or main aspects of objetives, ideas, solutions, problems, refered as item in each swimlane, so we added a spreadsheet that opens on a new tab when comes time to evaluate a swinlane, so we have a complete dashboard than will be very helpful to resolve problems.

This is how this template looks like:

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